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Gear Review: PxHero JAFO II Trauma Kit

Up for review we have an IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) by PxHero. Overall it’s a fine kit, and great as a back-up for your car, or in your go-bag. It has some great qualities, and is much more comprehensive than other companies on the market, especially with the price point of about $70 with... Read More
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Gear Review: K9 Collar and Lead by Wilcox Tactical

Collars and dog leads are just that right – just collars and dog leads? Wrong, they’re gear. Just like your carrier or holster, or EDC belt, they’re pieces of kit. Now I do a lot of hiking and running with my dogs. At least once a week we’re in the mountains, whether it’s the whole... Read More
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Gear Review: HighCom Security R.A.K – Body Armor

By Alexander Castiglione Up for review is a fantastic—emphasis on fantastic body armor system from HighCom Security. This US based company puts out high-speed, high-quality gear perfectly suited for our LEO, Private Military Contractor, Military, and civilian private security readership. In the video review at, you will see why I am so impressed with... Read More
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Supplement Review: Kegenix Ketogenic Supplements

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard the term “eating Keto” or some such iteration of it. Paleo, primal, keto – it’s all the same. Essentially (and a very basic overview) you eat lots of fats, veggies, and meats – and little to no starches, with absolutely no refined sugar. This has been... Read More
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Gear Review: GPM Kit – Combat Application Belt, Outdoor Application Belt

We love gear. Gear that works, we adore. And both the Combat Application Belt, and Outdoor Application Belt – work. They are tested on the front lines, not in some laboratory, and they are US made by a veteran of the USMC and Navy. Patrick Moltrup started his military career in the Marine Corps, got... Read More
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Gear Reviews: Readyman Escape Cards

We’re big on having a comprehensive EveryDay Carry (EDC) here. Anything that can give you the edge, make you ready for anything. A pistol and a knife are great, but what about an IFAK (individual first aid kit)? Light? Multitool? How about an escape and evasion course of action? Survival Kit? Well those last two,... Read More
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Gear Review: SOG Mini Pentagon

EDC knives come in all shapes and sizes. While it’s great to carry any blade, some people may opt for a fixed blade option. For this, you want something concealable, in our opinion, but something that is also effective. The SOG Pentagon fits the bill in both respects. The SOG Mini Pentagon Fixed Blade M14K-CP... Read More
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Gear Review: CRKT Williams Tactical Pen

We here at SGPT say that a pen, preferably steel barreled, should be part of your EDC (everyday carry). Now while it’s always good to have a pen handy for whatever receipt you have to sign or form you have to fill out on the day to day, a pen is a great last-ditch weapon,... Read More
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Gear Review: LALO Maximus Cross-Trainers

We like our LALOs here at SGPT. That’s no secret. We’re big fans of their boots, and after testing out some Bloodbirds and Grinders, pretty big fans of all their footwear. If you missed our previous reviews check out the Bloodbird or Grinder review. Now to business – this shoe was creating in collaboration with... Read More
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Gear Review: G.O.T. (Glock Operator Tool)

  The G.O.T. (or Glock Operators Tool) from Code 9 Evolutions lives up to it’s name in a double entendre sort of fashion. I’m sure you think of Spec Ops when you hear “operator” but this tool also helps you operate in a different way. It allows you to perform minor surgery on any one... Read More
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Gear Review: Condor Chest Rig

Up for review is a Condor Chest Rig – MCR5 to be exact. This rig is both durable and adjustable, in addition to being user friendly. While I haven’t tested the rig in combat applications, the rig is very well made for the price point. It also affords the user the ability to carry literally... Read More

The Naked Warrior Book Review

“How many times have we seen someone perform a skill that appears to be magical? How many people do we know, or know of, who seem to be able to naturally do things that we can’t do? The temptation is to shrug our shoulders and acknowledge their natural abilities, talents, and other inborn gifts. That... Read More
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Gear Review: CLP Frog Lube

You’d think we’d love something called Froglube – ya know, Frogmen, Froglube. Makes sense? Well you’re right. We do love this product. Aside from being a Veteran owned business, this stuff does the job. It’s a bio-based lubricant, so you can check off a box if you’re trying to be “green,” and is made from... Read More

Bates 922 vs Magnum Response boots review

Check out these reviews, comparisons and videos for the Bates 922 vs Magnum Response boots and you be the judge of which one is best for your feet. The Bates 922 boot gets a lot of publicity as it was the go to boot for Navy SEAL training candidates at BUD/S.  These boots are relatively... Read More
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