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Petzl Pro Strix VL Headlamp Review

Check out the reviews for the Petzl STRIX VL tactical headlamp and you decide if this is good enough for your next mission. First off this is a highly technical tactical headlamp. This is not a $12 light from home depot for installing an attic fan or a $30 camping or climbing light that you... Read More
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511 Tactical TMT A1 Flashlight Review

Check out the review and in field testing of the 5.11 Tactical A1 flashlight and you decide if it is good enough for your everyday carry. First thing you notice is that this is a small handheld light that fits in the palm of your hand. That said it gives you more light than you... Read More

Gear Review: Ironwear Fitness Uni Vest

I’ve used my share of weight vests: from ones that wrapped around your chest with a bandolier of solid steel bricks, to ones that were super heavy with lead shot bricks, to straight up body armor. The Ironwear Uni-Vest is different from them all. I picked up a 20lb Uni Vest to train with, looking... Read More
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Gear Review: 5ive Star Gear Survival Tube

5ive Star Gear is coming out with some classic as well as novel survival gear and readiness solutions of late. One of them being the Survival Tube. This 5ive Star Gear Survival Tube Survival is self contained, and comes with a carabiner to clip onto your kit. At only a few inches in length, it... Read More
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Gear Review: Glock 26 Gen 4

There are so many options out there for CCW’s (concealed carry weapons). From revolvers to slimline single stacks like the M&P Shield, to the pocket pistol like a M&P bodyguard. There is also the Kahr, or Keltec, even Glock’s new ultracompacts like the Glock 42 in .380 or 43 in 9mm – there are a... Read More
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Gear Review: SOL Urban Survival Kit

SOL makes tons of outdoors and survival gear – heck, that’s what SOL stands for: Survive Outdoors Longer. Their product line will make you feel like you are in luck, and not SOL like the other colorful turn of phrase. Up for review is the Urban Survival Kit. The SOL Adventure Medical Emergency Preparedness Basic Kit... Read More
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Gear Review: SOG Dark Energy DE-04 Flashlight

SOG has been known for putting out quality gear at a fair price. We’ve reviewed a bunch of their stuff here at SGPT, but I was excited to check out their new flashlights. More tactical illumination than just flashlight, their SOG Dark Energy Flashlight is living up to the SOG reputation. The DE-04 is about... Read More
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Gear Review: Spartan Armor Swimmers Cut Sentry Carrier Package

  By Alexander Castiglione I recently picked up a package from Spartan Armor—the Sentry Plate Carrier with AR500 Swimmers Cut body armor. Overall, I am very very impressed. Not only is it a great value for the money (it runs about $230, as I upgraded to the full coat for maximum fragmentation mitigation), but the carrier... Read More
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Glock 19 Gen 4 Review

Anybody that has been around firearms I’m sure has been around Glocks. And if you’ve been around Glock 9mms, odds are, you’ve fired either their full size Glock 17, or the “compact” Glock 19. Both are fine firearms, and as with all Glock pistols, designed by Gaston Glock. With very few working parts which are... Read More
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Ammo Review: Aguila Ammo

“Guns are hungry. Feed your firearm.” That’s Aguila’s tagline. And any commensurate shooter will know this to be the case. For us shooters, you fly through a box of 50, but buying quality ammo in bulk isn’t cheap. I myself have fed some of my Glocks the cheap Tula or steel cased stuff, thinking “eh,... Read More
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Gear Review: LALO Grinder Crosstrainers

Up for review is a pair of LALO Grinders from the BUD/S line – the same as the Bloodbirds we sounded off on a few weeks back. These are told to have more mid-foot mobility to kick ass in more agility drills, dynamic bodyweight movements with a softer, grippier feel. Things like jump rope, box... Read More
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Gear Review: SOG Survival Hawk

Up for review is a pretty nifty little tool brought to you by the innovative people at SOG. This is their survival hawk, and as you can tell – it means business! It’s just over 12 inches overall, with a 3″ 420 steel blade that means business! It comes plenty sharp for most tasks. Is... Read More
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Gear Review: WRECK BAG

We recently got our hands on a WRECK BAG and had a chance to push it through the paces. A WRECK BAG is much more than a sandbag, it’s a weighted bag, sure. But it’s not like the other sandbags on the market. It’s known for it’s durability, and has proprietary rubber filling, which is... Read More
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Gear Review: CRKT Sangrador

Up for review is a mean little blade from CRKT called the Sangrador – literally “the bleeder” in Latin. And it’s no wonder where this blade got it’s name. This double edged blade is 10.5 inches overall, clocking in at 7.4 ounces. The 5.54 blade is made of SK5 steel, coming in with a HRC... Read More
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