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Gear Review: LALO Bloodbird Crosstrainers

LALO, which many of you may not know stands for Light Assault Operator, has been putting out quality tactical boots for year, favored by special forces operators. But that has changed. They started putting out a new line of footwear called the BUD/S line, inspired by grinder workouts in Coronado. I tested out the Lalo... Read More
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Gear Review: LOWA Renegade Boots

I don’t get impressed that often. I mean so impressed that I almost can’t believe what I’m testing. Well, I can say that was not true when I tested out some Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot. It’s easy to see why these are LOWA’s number one seller. These boots are outstanding, super comfortable, lightweight,... Read More
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Gear Review: TRUSPEC Pathfinder 2.5 Pack

We got our hands on the TRU-SPEC Pathfinder 2.5 Backpack, and after traveling with it outside of the country for a week, I have to say, I love this pack. I haven’t rucked with it yet, but I can tell you unequivocally, it would carry a load over rugged terrain just fine. I had it... Read More
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Gear Review: Condor Outdoor Garner 6″ Zip Boots

We recently tested some Condor Outdoor boots – the Garner 6″ Zip to be exact – and they held up extremely well in what we threw at them so far. After about 15 miles in the boots, I can say that they are very comfortable and easy on the feet. Granted, 15 miles is barely... Read More
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Gear Review: Automatic Rescue Knife (ARK) and Strike Fighter by Ontario

These items are for active duty military, LEO, and first responders only. Please note that SGPT does not endorse using or obtaining these knives for anything illegal.  Ontario Knive Company has been around for a while, 1889 in fact. And  they’ve been making blades for a long time, and it shows. I’ve had a SP2... Read More
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Gear Review: TRU-SPEC 24-7 Vector Pants

I know it’s a bit odd to review pants. Pants are pants are pants, right? Wrong! The Vector 24/7’s from Truspec had me thoroughly impressed when I wore them on a 8+ mile ruck in the Georgia mountains. They are lightweight, flexible, and very breathable. Unlike some other BDU pants I’ve worn, these wick away... Read More
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Gear Review: SOG SEAL Strike

The SOG SEAL Strike, for all intents and purposes, is probably one of my favorite all-around survival knives. I have a SEAL Pup and another SOG fixed blade with the TiNi finish, and love them, but SOG hit a home run with the SOG SEAL Strike Fixed Blade. Before we even get into the specs,... Read More
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Gear Review: Truspec 9″ Tac Assault Boots

I got a hold of some Truspec Tac Assault Boots 9″, and managed to test them out. I can say these are great boots for duty or training, for LEOs, PMCs, military personnel or civilians geared towards readiness or looking for something for the GORUCK. On first impression, when unboxing,  I noticed how light the... Read More

Gear Review: SOG Prophet 33L Pack

I took some gear out to Sweetwater Creek State Park this past weekend to put it through the paces, and the SOG Prophet 33 Liter Pack carried my load. Upon first inspection, I already liked this pack. If you can’t tell by now, I’m a huge fan of SOG’s gear. One of my EDC knives... Read More
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Gear Review: SOG Powerplay Multitool

SOG does it again with another field ready piece of hardware : the SOG Powerplay Multitool. While Special Operations Gear aka SOG is known for mainly its blades, the SOG Powerplay will serve the user as well as a Leatherman or comparable device. SOG thought outside the box, by incorporating a proprietary Compound Leverage system. It... Read More
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Gear Review: E+E Tools

We always talk about bugout bags, survival kits, and the like (we meaning the entire preparedness community). But I don’t think we spend enough time talking about E+E – or Escape and Evasion. These are items which need to be considered in the event of unlawful detainment, and could be lifesaving in an emergency. While... Read More
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Salewa Hike trainer vs Danner Mountain 600 Boots Review

Check out the reviews, videos and tips for the Salewa hike trainer vs Danner mountain 600 boots and you decide which ones are good enough for you feet on your next long hike. TIP #1: The Salewa Hike Trainer GTX Hiking Shoe has a nubuck synthetic fabric upper and GoreTex to help it breath. The sole... Read More

SUUNTO Core Crush Altimeter Watch Review

SUUNTO Core Crush Altimeter Watch Review... Read More
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Gear Review: Condor Outdoor Cobra Gun Belt

I have quite a few belts, who doesn’t. But I only have one or two I wear on the range, and the Condor Cobra Tactical Belt is one of them. It’s stiff, sturdy, holds up, and fits through most belt loops, or you can wear externally like a battle belt. The Cobra Gun Belt features... Read More
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