CrossFit Obstacle Course Ideas

crossfit obstacle course Obstacle course training doesn’t have to be fancy or extravagant. It is a simple as carrying odd objects, going over and under obstacles, balancing, sprinting and jumping.

Check out these ideas so that you can build an obstacle course near your home or garage gym and go out and get it done.

QUESTION: I don’t have much of anything to make or “do it yourself” obstacle course to build speed and agility. What are some ideas?

Do you have a few cones to set up in your driveway or a water bottle full off sand?

Set the water bottles up in a zig zag pattern and sprint through them in a z pattern and do 5 burpees – then sprint back.

You can make small courses like that to improve your reaction and sprint time.

CrossFit – Obstacle Course WOD at CrossFit Santa Cruz

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With a PVC pipe or small stick you can create your own limbo course. You can stack up weights or sand bags and place the sticks at low and high intervals. The low sticks you jump over and the high sticks you limbo under if you can. Sprint as fast as you can to move through the course. Time yourself and have others do the course also.

Question from athletes in our gym.

Question: I don’t have access to an obstacle course. How can I build or do it yourself?

Answer: You can always go to a local playground for starters and run through and over the benches and kids playground.

Question: What is the number one thing I should be working on with a CrossFit obstacle course?

Work on the climbing rope and getting over obstacles.

Question: I am great at lifting heavy things as I have a high bodyweight and wrestling background. How can I get faster on the obstacle course?

Answer: First off, practice the obstacle course. I would run a local 5k road race then after training a few weeks try for a 5k mud run.

But also eat a clean diet and try and shed a few pounds.

The best obstacle course racers are lean and mean.

CrossFit Evoke Agility Obstacle Course

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Question: What is a good shoe for doing the obstacle course? A pair of Inov-8 F-lite 195’s is great – something light weight but has some traction.

Question: Coach, as a future fun project, could you show us how to build our own obsticle course, complete with rock climbing walls, wooden walls, rope climbing and rope obsticles to climb? Just make it a simple step by step series. It would be AWESOME!!! Molly C.

Answer: Check out the tips and ideas above.

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