How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want It?

Team SGPT:

So yesterday we talked about the conversation I had with a Ranger buddy on “How bad do you want it?”. I was inspired and it was good to revisit this conversation and hear it from a fellow warrior.

I hope that is a question (How bad do you want it?) that you asked yourself in the last 24 hours.

Floyd Mayweather – How Bad do you want it?

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Don’t matter if it is for losing 5 lbs, making an A on that next test or crushing your next workout.

Ask yourself again “How bad do you want it?”.

Most days I am feeling jacked and ready to blow through Concrete walls. I love to take life full on and make it happen.

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But I will admit — there are a few days (only a few) – where I ain’t 100 percent.

Sure I have hit some big highs — Standing on the Podium at BUD/S. Getting awards for Conservation work. Being a good Dad.

But I have been at the bottom too. I have laid in the surf freezing my butt off (I don’t have much body fat) with sand oozing out of my mouth. I thought I was going to end up in the Emergency Room.

Another low was as I failed out of BUD/S and saw my whole life crashing down. Everything around me was grey and dull. I wanted to crawl deep inside a hole and curl up and fade away.

On those days like that I dig a little deeper and one of my methods is to change my mental state. Often just a quick watch of an inspirational video or audio is all I need.

Almost daily i watch videos like this and read inspirational articles to help me change my state and Crush it <—-

You are the daily Sum of what you put into your Mind – Better yourself Here

You see — the mental drives the physical. You always have to remind yourself of that and to fuse that into your daily life. When @#*& goes the wrong way you have to rally the mind and reset and get your body moving.

When I failed out of BUD/S and I got past my 4 days of Gloom — I asked my self “How bad did I want to go back to BUD/S?”

I wanted it worse than any amount of money – any physical thing. I knew deep down that I wanted it more than air itself. I would train like a Psycho Maniac and push past the pain to get what I wanted.

Those same questions and thoughts keep me going today.

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Read and view all of this video article and post up a comment at the bottom of the page and let me know…….

How bad do you want it?

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