Kokoro Tips to Survive the First Hour

Kokoro is an all out 50 hour physical and mental challenge patterned after the Navy SEAL’s Hell Week.

The training is so intense and spot on – that 95% of those that have completed Kokoro – have gone on to BUD/S (SEAL training) and graduated.  The average drop rate at BUD/S is 80% with only 20% graduating. Staggering numbers.

Check out these tips to help you get through the first hour (many don’t) and thrive in the remaining 49 hours.

Try out a 20X Challenge first.  The recent 20X Challenge in Allentown, PA was a big success with all of the athletes getting excellent physical and mental training.  20X is considered a great building block to step up to Kokoro.

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Kokoro Tip #3 – Do a GORuck, Spartan Race or Tough Mudder race – or all 3. These are all good warmups for Kokoro. Get used to getting dirty and nasty and having the sh*t kicked out of you.

Check out these GORuck Training Tips:

Kokoro Tip #4 – Leave your ego back at home. Kokoro is all about Team from the first minute to the last minute. Team is everything and will be tattoed into your brain skull.

Kokoro Tip #5 – If you do a CrossFit workout at your local gym – add an endurance component to the workout. Run or bike to your gym. Add a 30 minute plus ruck march and/or run and bike at the end. Don’t just do a 20 minute CrossFit workout and think your good. You will be sadly mistaken and will pay a severe price in hour 2 of Kokoro.

Kokoro Tip #6 – Find a local stadium and run stairs. If you fortunate enough to live on the California beaches – run the stairs there. Run hill sprints and jog back down. Run stairs and hills once a week at least.

Kokoro Tip #7 – Do workouts like Murph with a Ruck, Benoit, Bradley, Severin, Karen (with a 3 mile run after). These are the workouts that will help you build endurance for the event.

Kokoro workout #1

Murph with a ruck

2o rounds for time

5 pullups

10 pushups

15 air squats

use 20 lb ruck. Note time in comments below.

Kokoro Tip #8 – Train your core. One of the biggest problems we see are athletes showing up with a weak core. This effects the rest of your body and it shows up as you sag like a pathetic wet noodle on our grinder. Train your core and the rest of your body will be strong.

Kokoro workout #2

3 rounds for time

15 toe to bar

10 burpees

try to keep reps unbroken.

note time in comments.

Kokoro Tip #9 – Realize that the instructors cannot kill you. They are there to help you and build you up. Yes; at times it is chaotic and crazy but keep your feet under you and you will move forward.

Kokoro Tip #10 – Check out the SGPT Membership area for dozens of interviews with Kokoro graduates who give inside tips of what they did to survive and thrive in Kokoro.

Tips on SEALFIT Kokoro to help you not only Survive but Thrive:

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