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SGPT GORUCK STAR Course Tallahassee Florida

Have you ever thought about doing a GORUCK event? Want to check your fitness for the start of 2023? This is your time to jump in. Team SGPT will be ruck hiking the 12 mile GORUCK Star Course in Tallahassee, Florida on Saturday February 4, 2023. The GORUCK Star Course is a Special Forces Challenge.... Read More
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SEALgrinderPT Approved Events 2022-2023 Check out the SEALFIT, GORUCK, Spartan Races and events that we like and approve. GORUCK Tough Challenge: Santa Monica, CA 12/02/2022 21:00 GORUCK Tough Challenge: Wilmington, NC 12/02/2022 21:00 SPARTAN RACE Oracle Park Spartan Stadion Event Weekend 12/03/22 GORUCK Basic: Charleston, SC 12/03/2022 14:00 GORUCK Basic: Santa Monica, CA 12/03/2022 14:00... Read More
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Be The Exception Event

Be The Exception is a 10 hour Mental and Physical Training Event that will forever alter your expectations of what you are capable of. You will be pushed to your perceived limits and then you will discover how much more you are truly able to achieve. You will never look at challenges and obstacles in... Read More


SEALgrinderPT EVENTS 2020 Check out this list of upcoming events from coaches and programs that we know and trust. SEALFIT Kokoro 56/20XL/20X(6 & 12hour) March 20th -March 22nd March 19-22 – Race Car Driving Phoenix, AZ or Off Road Racing Las Vegas, NV. May 14-17. Close Quarters Battle San Diego, CA. July 16-19 Shaws Shooting... Read More
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Freak Frog training course Florida October 2019

 WHO: SEALgrinderPT, LLC. + Shoot and Move, LLC. WHAT: Freak Frog training camp in Florida 2019. WHY: To be prepared for anything at anytime. WHERE: near Havana, Florida (address will be sent only to those who register). We have hundreds of acres at this camp along with a shooting range. What is it like? It... Read More
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