Talayna Fortunato – CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Talayna FortunatoNickname: T
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 146
Age: 42
Date of Birth: 08/09/1980
Place of Birth: Albuquerque, NM
Started Crossfit: October 2009

Talayna Fortunato video of a 2:26 Fran

Place of Residence: Naples, FL
Training Facility: Real Fitness, Naples
Coach/Trainer: Rudy Nielsen of Outlaw Crossfit

Talayna Fortunato video of 2 minute chest to bar drill

Talayna Fortunato on protein supplements: I began using extra protein supplements after winning a bag at a competition, and have been using it since. I can definitely tell the positive effects following a workout including: not being as sore the next day, not feeling a sugar crash fatigue after working out, and definite strength gains in all of my lifts during the off season.

I have recently begun using Progenex More Muscle as well and I plan on supplementing with it once a day during the morning or when I’m out of the house and need something quick and easy. Progenex provides quality branched chain amino acids and protein that I need to keep me advancing through my programming in preparation for the CrossFit Games.

Talayna Fornuto CrossFit Stats
Fran: 2:26
Cindy: 28
Helen: 7:39
Grace: 2:30
Filthy Fifty: 20:32
Max Pull-ups (Butterfly): 75

Talayna Fortunato 160 lb Snatch

Talayna Fortunato Typical Training Week:
I usually train anywhere from 5-6 days a week. I’m notorious for not taking enough time off. Training sessions currently are focusing on strength gains so we spend about an hour doing 2-3 different lifts. Metabolic conditioning follows for anywhere from 5-20 minutes, usually around 8. Half the time at the end we have midline work for our core or lower back. I’m usually there for 2.5 hours. Once competition starts there will be more 2 a days and the workouts will get slightly shorter in total volume.

Talayna Fortunato Diet-Nutrition:
I try to eat cleanly throughout the week and let myself have a little more fun on the weekends. Breakfast is usually cottage cheese, greek yogurt, berries and coffee. Then 2 egg whites, 1 egg, and a piece of fruit before lunch. Grilled fish or chicken salad for lunch. Protein shake or a cliff bar before working out. Protein shake post-workout. And then fish or chicken and vegetables for dinner. I sneak in cashews for a snack. On the weekends I’ll have a meal or two of whatever I want at a restaurant or pizza.

Talayna Fortunato rope climb workout

Talayna Fortunato lifting stats
Deadlift: 350
Bench: 170
Squat: 290
Snatch: 185
Squat Clean: 185
Power Clean: 190

Occupation/School: MS Physical Therapist
Sport: Previous collegiate gymnast and heptathlete

2021 Women (40-44) 60th 902nd North America 766th United States
2019 Women (35-39) 114th — 501st United States
2018 Women (35-39) 1995th 816th South East 1243rd United States
2017 Women (35-39) 116th 9th South East 83rd United States
2016 Women 124th 14th South East —
2011 – Southeast Open Champion, 4th Southeast Regionals, 1st Swamp Monster, 1st Integrity’s Revenge (Garage Games), 1st Iron Curtain, 2nd Mid-Atlantic Hopper Challenge
2010 – 4th Florida Sectional, 14th Southeast Regionals
2003 – Southern Utah University MVP Female Athlete, Gymnastics Team Leader

Talayna’s diet is to eat quality foods but doesn’t measure the amount. She tries to keep it clean on weekdays. No paleo, zone, or other particular diet.


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