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Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine

Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine True warriors are unbeatable because they have conditioned their minds to be unbeatable. They learn to control their minds and win internally well before they enter the fight. This is the first premise of Unbeatable Mind training This sounds simple but it is not easy. It takes knowledge, skills and... Read More

Grinder PT workout 5k run

GRINDER PT and 5k run workout wrist stretch – 10 each way wrist rotations – 10 each way Arm circles 10 each way Press, press, fling – 10 Up, back and overs – 10 Shoulder pass throughs – 10 Hip swivel kicks (forward) – 15 each leg Hip swivel kicks (side) – 15 each leg... Read More
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SEALgrinderPT Interviews Alpinist Steve House

SGPT: Tell us who is Steve House? SH: I’m a 40 year old Alpinist living in Colorado. I work for Patagonia developing technical product and consult with other climbing brands including Grivel (ice climbing gear), Metolius (rock climbing gear), and LaSportiva for boots. I am also an author, having published my first book, Beyond the... Read More
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Michael hero workout

Michael – WOD Three rounds for time of: Run 800 meters 50 Back Extensions on GHD (or super mans) 50 Sit-ups *superman = lay on floor and lift up body like your flying like superman then….. Yoga cobra stretch – 2 min Yoga frog stretch – 2 Plie squat stretch – 2 (really work to get your knees out... Read More

Peel Back the Layers

Physical exertion is a great tool to work the muscle of the mind. Mental conditioning is the ultimate venue to develop and better your self. A great method to improve your self both physically and mentally is to visualize your future self. That is to see your self as you want to appear accomplishing your... Read More

SEALgrinderPT Mental Conditioning Audio Series – GOALS

Goals for Workouts and Life Want to become part of the top 1 percenters on this planet? What do great athletes like Michael Jordan, Herschel Walker, Bruce Lee and Tiger Woods all know and practice daily? Learn to master goals. Write them down, work on details, set a date and be passionate. Most people spend... Read More
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SEALgrinderPT – Mental Conditioning Audio Series

The SECRET UnderGround Bunker – Lost Tape Series Power Packed Audio’s To Build Your Mental Edge Mental Preparedness 88 minute audio download $9.99 on SALE now $2.99 Recorded live in the infamous SEALgrinderPT underground bunker. Learn the inner mind info that the enemy does NOT want you to know. Everyone talks about physical training and how... Read More

Kyle Noke MMA Elite Fighter Profile

Name Kyle Noke Nick Name KO Record 19 – 5 – 1 (Win – Loss – Draw) Wins 6 (T)KOs ( 31.58 %) 8 Submissions ( 42.11 %) 5 Decisions ( 26.32 %) Losses 1 (T)KOs ( 20 %) 2 Submissions ( 40 %) 2 Decisions ( 40 %) Association Integrated MMA Kyle Noke MMA... Read More

Hooyah… and welcome to SEAL grinder PT.

This website is dedicated to developing your body and mind to achieve your goals.  We will be posting up daily workouts and videos and links to information used by Navy SEAL’s (SEA, Air and Land), BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition School) recruits and other Special Forces groups as part of their training. Navy SEAL training has been called... Read More
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SEAL grinder PT – Pullup Contest 2011

The SEAL grinder PT is now complete (March 2011) Sponsors for this event are Perfect Fitness, Intensity Nutrition, SEAL Multi Vitamin, Fitdeck Illustrated Exercise Playing Cards for Guided Workouts, Core Blast and SEALFit. The winner in the dead hang pull up division was Lee Wade Turner with 41 perfect pull ups.  Check out Lee Wade Turners interview... Read More
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