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Featured image for “Luminox Evo Navy SEAL Blackout Men’s Watch Review Model 3051”

Luminox Evo Navy SEAL Blackout Men’s Watch Review Model 3051

We had heard the word that Navy SEALs used the Luminox watch—so we purchased one to review and put to the test. It has been 3 months of testing in the field and it has not broken yet. I picked up the watch for $189 on Amazon. REVIEW I’m not sure I don’t like it,... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: Werkz M2 IWB Holster for G26”

Gear Review: Werkz M2 IWB Holster for G26

I recently got the chance to check out another Werkz holster – the M2. This one is for my trusty and oh-so-compact G26. It’s kind of hard to find a good holster for such a small CCW. They’re either inaccesibly low riding, or they print as much as a full size – so what’s the... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: 5ive Star Gear Weapon Case”

Gear Review: 5ive Star Gear Weapon Case

Up for review today we have a weapons case from 5ive Star Gear, the PWC-5s Multi Weapon Case. This case is all the case you need, for half the money of the regular brands. SGPT breaks down this product with details and gives you the pros and cons. From that point you can make a... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: TimTam Recovery Power Massager”

Gear Review: TimTam Recovery Power Massager

By Alexander Castiglione The fitness world is full of gimmicks. And in local news, water is wet. But I assume if you’re reading this, you’re not about the gimmicks. You’re not about the “8 minutes a day” shenanigans. And you’re definitely aware that there is no pill for physical excellence – just good old-fashioned hard... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: 5.11 Tactical ABR Trainers”

Gear Review: 5.11 Tactical ABR Trainers

Shoes are obviously a very subjective and personal thing. I mean, everyone has different feet, a different stride, and a method of movement. That’s pretty obvious. What wasn’t obvious to me was that 5.11 makes awesome shoes – not just boots, gear, and plate carriers. That has obviously changed. I was highly impressed with these... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: Craft Holster’s Shoulder Holster”

Gear Review: Craft Holster’s Shoulder Holster

There is something about a shoulder holster that is iconic. Maybe it’s got that allure from the movies I grew up on in the 80’s and 90’s, especially for a Beretta 92. Bruce Willis, Jean Claude Van Damme, Mel Gibson and the characters they portrayed all rocked that leather shoulder rig and full size Beretta,... Read More

Serious Mass vs Muscle Pharm Combat

Check out the reviews, comparisons, info and videos on Serious Mass vs Muscle Pharm Combat supplements and you be the judge which one to put in your body. MusclePharm Combat Powder review by Thad Love this protein! Muscle Pharm Combat Powders knocked it out of the park with this product. It is rare you see... Read More
Featured image for “Lurong Elite Focus review”

Lurong Elite Focus review

I picked up a bottle of Lurong Elite Focus a few months back and wanted to write up my notes from using a bottle and give feedback. WHY TAKE IT? I found that I was having some brain fog later on in the mid morning and was open to try a supplement that has nootropic... Read More
Featured image for “SGPT Gear Review: Bodyguard Bulletproof Jackets”

SGPT Gear Review: Bodyguard Bulletproof Jackets

By Alexander Castiglione Every headline seems to be a new shooting or a new inspired attack. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably erring on the side of caution. You probably like to be prepared. Us too. In today’s world, you need to be ready. You need to have a go bag. If you can... Read More
Featured image for “Tabletop Gear Review: SOG Zoom S30V”

Tabletop Gear Review: SOG Zoom S30V

We got our hands on a SOG S30V, and in this author’s humble opinion, it just might be the perfect EDC knife. Let me say that again – this knife is nearly perfect for EDC. It boasts an aluminum handle, with carbon fiber inserts, accenting the 3.6 inch S30V steel blade (with a RC of 58-60... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: Rescue Essentials EMT Lite Med Kit”

Gear Review: Rescue Essentials EMT Lite Med Kit

You’re probably getting tired of us telling you that you need to have a medkit. Well too bad. You need to. In your car, your go bag, in your office, and probably even on your person, you need to have the ability to patch holes, control bleeds, and save life. We’re not just talking about... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: SOG DE-01 Flashlight”

Gear Review: SOG DE-01 Flashlight

Good things come in small packages. Cliches are cliches for a reason, and the DE-01 lives up to that particular cliche. At a scant 3.8 inches overall and a 5.2 ounces, it’s even smaller than the DE-03 – the AA version in the dark energy series of tactical illumination. This little guy has more output... Read More

Gear Review: Colonel Blades Lowvz and NCO Knives

Retention knives and quick deployment back up blades seem to be all the rage lately. As they should be. Think about it, whats the point of pulling out a knife if you can easily drop it when you need it most. Similarly, what’s the point of carrying that massive KaBar is you take a year... Read More
Featured image for “Gear Review: CRKT Siwi Knife”

Gear Review: CRKT Siwi Knife

We’ve already reviewed a couple CRKT products, many of which were from either their Forged By War program, or directly from the mind of other veteran designers – like Darrin Sirois. As with the other products pushed out by Columbia River Knife and Tool – the SIWI is a big winner for us. Mr. Sirois... Read More
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