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Gear Review: Zenbivy Sleep System

It may seem off to see something like a “sleep system” in a gear review. After all, what is that? Shouldn’t it just be bed rolls and/or tents and/or bivouac reviews? Well yes and no. As we will get into, the Zenbivy is much more than just a sleeping bag, or just a mattress. It’s,... Read More
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Gear Review: CRKT Du Hoc

It’s no surprise that we love our blades here at SGPT. Whether it’s a field knife that can cut through rebar like the FirstEdge HR-1 or a discreet blade to carry everyday – like the SOG Pent Arc Folding Knife. But this one we have for review today is a mean mother that means business: the SOG Du... Read More
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Gear Review: Bravo Concealment Holster and Mag Carrier

I’ve got a lot of holsters. A lot. Seriously, I might have a problem. Considering how much I like to compete, and in various divisions, necessarily I have different holsters for different rigs and load outs. But I have to say, if I had one holster I could carry OWB and one gun only I... Read More
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Gear Review: Phoozy XP3 Phone Protector

If you’re reading this, you’re likely an active person. You’re out in the bush, on the range, hitting the trails, paddle boarding, whatever comes your way. My guess is because of that previous statement, you’ve also likely lost a couple phones; casualties of your active lifestyle as it were. Well worry not, my sunshine and... Read More
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Gear Review: Shadow Systems Gen 4 Glock 19 Optics Ready Top End

I wouldn’t call myself a Glock Fanboy—but I do love them for their simplicity of use, ease of maintenance, and customization. I mean, they’re essentially the firearm equivalent of Legos – polymer and configurable in whatever you can conjure in your mind’s eye. But I also like a shoot other platforms in competition – CZ’s,... Read More
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Gear Review: Palmetto State Armory PA10 – .308 AR Rifle

The AR platform – short for Armalite Rifle, not Assault Rifle – comes in so many flavors and varieties. Carbine length gas systems, 7.5 inch barrels, rifle length buffer tubes, NiB bolt carriers….the possibilities are endless. To give one even more choice paralysis, there are a variety of different calibers you can obtain; 5.56, .300 BLK, and... Read More
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Gear Review: Crossbreed Holster – IWB Glock 26

Up on the gear review block this time is a fantastic little holster for EDC made by Crossbreed. My go to EDC in summer months is a Glock 26 for many reasons (we’ll do an article going over EDC pieces and their pros and cons). I got my hands on a Crossbreed Freedom Carry in... Read More
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Gear Review: HolsterCo IWB Holster & Mag Carrier

We got another IWB option for you guys today, specifically for one of my favorite all around pistols – the Glock 19. This one is from Holster Co, which makes a plethora of IWB and OWB holster and magazine configurations. The Stealth and Backup (magazine carrier), are great options for concealment, and well made by this... Read More
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Fjallraven Keb Trouser Review

I picked up a pair of the Fjallraven keb trousers back in the summer of 2017 just before departing to our annual Freak Frog Montana event. These pants are super comfortable to wear. In the photo above I am wearing the pants during our Freak Frog Montana 3 day event. I wore the pants every... Read More
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Gear Review: Shadow Systems Optic Ready Slide and Trigger

When like-minded people get together, usually awesome things happen. The new products from Shadow Systems in Plano, Texas are pretty awesome, we must admit. But then again, it’s formed by shooters, operators, grunts, and engineers; including Clint Emerson. Their attention to detail and trigger time really lent itself to creating a fantastic parts to build... Read More
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Gear Review: TruSpec Stealth Backpack

I was on the hunt for a pack that looked less tactical and more discreet, yet still held the gear I needed day to day or in an urban environment. I checked out the TruSpec Stealth Backpack. I was looking for something that meshed form and function. I didn’t want the MOLLE webbing adorned packs... Read More
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Gear Review: Bravo Concealment G43 Torsion Holster

Holsters are like shooting stances or training protocols—everyone has a favorite, and everyone swears by them. There are many fans of Bravo Concealment holsters, and after checking out their Torsion line, I can easily see why. This particular one tested  – the Bravo Concealment Torsion or DOS holster – is meant for the Glock 43... Read More
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Gear Review: CRKT Rasp

We’ve reviewed a bunch of CRKT products, and a couple that were designed by retired Sgt Maj Darren Sirois out of North Carolina – like the CRKT Sangrador. And like the Sangrador – his new folder the RASP is all business. This particular folder is elegant in its spartan look and simplicity. Stout and ready to... Read More
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Gear Review: Kineti Tech G43 Drop In Trigger

Glocks are pervasive everywhere you look in the firearms community. Maybe it’s their slogan of “Perfection,” maybe it’s their 30 year history, or their borderline boring reliability. We can debate that, but one thing is also certain: people modify them to a great extend to make them “perfection” for their own needs – be it... Read More
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