Joel M. Smith Workout 12-05-12

Joel M. Smith Workout
Warmup 15 minutes
wrist stretch  – 10 each way
wrist rotations  – 10 each way
Arm circles 10 each way
Press, press, fling – 10
Up, back and overs – 10
Shoulder pass throughs with pole – 10
Hip swivel kicks forward  – 15 each leg
hip swivel kicks side  – 15 each leg
Jumping jacks  25
hip mobility drills (  Mtn Athlete HIM drill) – 5 slow each leg
Mountain climbers  – 25 – two count
Swimmers chest stretch – 10
standing hip flexor stretch  – 5 each leg
air squat  – 50
pushups – wide  – 15
situps  – 20

You can scale up on each of these exercises and add more to each one.


Joel M. Smith Workout
for time
25 burpees
50 push-ups (game standard)
75 double unders
100 squats
25 sit-ups
This workout is in memory of Joel McAlister Smith
Born: 1.23.84 to 11.24.12. He is survived by his brother Brian Sink-Smith and his family. We will remember Joel and his life by this workout. down stretch with
yoga cobra – 10
yoga frog – 10
plea stretch (push your knees out)
deep breathing and meditation for 10 minutes

post time for WOD in comments below.

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