SEALgrinderPT 3-16-12

Special Forces Workout – WOD
first do 30 min. of Navy SEAL workout
wrist stretch – 10 each way
wrist rotations – 10 each way
Arm circles 10 each way
Press, press, fling – 10
Up, back and overs – 10
Shoulder pass throughs – 10
Hip swivel kicks (forward) – 15 each leg
Hip swivel kicks (side) – 15 each leg
Jumping jacks 25
hip mobility drills ( Mtn Athlete HUG drill) – 5
Mountain climbers – 25 – two count
Pushups – regular 20
Swimmers chest stretch – 10
alternate hand forward hand back pushups – 15
airborne heismans – 20
standing pause air squat – 30 seconds
Standing lunge – 20 (10 each leg)
air squat – 50
Pushups with sideways walk – 10
frog jump lateral jump (1 ft high minimum) – 10
eight count bodybuilders – 10
split jumps – 15
situps – 25
pushups with sideways walk – 20
thai plank – 10 each side
sitting flutter kicks – 20
reverse crunches – 20
sitting calf stretch – 10then….

Special Forces workout
100 pullups
Between sets while working on your 100 run 200 meters every time you come off the bar.
Run fast – dont lolly gag. It is in your interest to stay on the bar longer so that you run less.
200 pushups
run 200 meters between sets of pushups.
300 situps
run 200 meters between sets of situps

If you are taking a BUD/S PST in the near future – Do 400 meter runs between sets.

This workout that can take 30-60 minutes to complete – if you can complete it.

Yoga cobra stretch – 10
Yoga frog stretch – 10 minutes
Plie squat stretch – 10 (really work to get your knees out and stretch)
10 minutes of deep breathing/meditation/visualization

Navy SEAL style workout designed for Matt F, Shane P, Dan R, Chris H, Brian P, John R, Felix S, Andrew A, Kevin F, Billy M, Anne L, Zak S, Jake B. , Travis R.,  and every athlete that wants to improve their body and mind.

Post time below in comments.

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