VPX Bang vs Redline

Check out the reviews and videos for VPX bang vs Redline and you decide which one to use for your next workout in the gym.

VPX Bang review

This is one of the better supplements I have bought online.

The VPX Bang drink (lemon Drop) gives you great sustained energy and you don’t get the mega crash afterward.

I sip on mine during the last few hours of work and it is spot on with helping me get through my late night shift.

I of course also use it for the gym and drink it 30 minutes before i get there and feel ready to go.

There are several great taste like the Champagne flavor and Sourheads. , tasted like 7up but I now love the sour heads.


VPX Redline review
vpx redline watermelonI am in love with this new pre-workout from VPX and it has been my go-to for my gym bag.

This stuff really gets it done and it will kick in after about 15 minutes so I like to sip on it during my drive to the gym.

The flavors are perfect and not too candy like. I like the new watermelon flavor.

All you need is one VPX Redline to kick you in the butt for a workout.

I would not recommend taking more than one of these before a workout as you will probably not get to sleep that night.

My buddy mistakenly drank two and stayed up till 4 in the morning straight up.

The trick is to just sip on one before a workout and leave the rest for the next day.

This is definetly a supplement drink that will give you a energy rush and make you focus like crazy.

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Question: What about vpx redline vs oxyelite pro? Or vpx bang vs nitraflex?

Answer: We are working on a review now for both of those products.

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