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AtĀ Strength Crate we put together a box that athletes, gym goers, cross-fitters etc. can use to diversify their training regimens and allow them more flexibility.


To give you an idea of what we are doing, Sean and I have put together a subscription box company for the strength and conditioning industry that will effectively change the subscription box model.

We provide apparel, training equipment, training aids, and supplements on a monthly basis. We take the samples and gimmicks (what you normally see in these boxes) and have replaced it with fully functional products. To give you an idea of what I mean,our competitors send samples of different supplements, all single servings which are consumed but never really test driven for more than 24 hrs. – we are providing a minimum (depends on which level box they purchase) of 1 trail size supplement which is 5-10 servings so that people can really get a good feel for the supplement and decide if they want to purchase the full blown product. We will also have some months where we provide them with a full size supplement.

The mindset and mission behind our company is simple – To Be The Best. We know that winning doesn’t happen when you cross the finish line or when you are handed the trophy. Winning takes place in basements, garages, and empty fields at 5AM when you are the only one putting in work and your competition sleeps. We want to help our athletes be the best at all times.

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