Building a Better American Made Jump Rope

by Brad McLeod on March 3, 2011

Building a Better American Made Jump Rope
by Brad McLeod, former Navy SEAL and CrossFit level 1 certified trainer

Why is it that no one is stepping up to make an American made jump rope with all American parts?  This country was founded on guys and gals working their butts off in the garage coming up with cool stuff to wow the world.  Ever heard of Steve Jobs and Apple?  It all starts with a need and desire to build and create something better.

Go to any CrossFit gym in the US and you will see stacks of killer heavy duty bumper plates by Hi-Temp and Rogue and choice beefy equipment by Sorinex and Dynamax balls — you name it.  The CrossFit gyms have the most burly gear.

Then walk over and  take a look at the rack that hold the jump ropes.  Are you kidding me?  What a bunch of flimsy Chinese plastic crap.  These lightweight jump ropes continually break and are wearing out from heavy use in the CrossFit gym. 

Has anyone stepped up to the plate to make a burly, American made jump rope that can stand up to regular use?

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So why arent better jump ropes made in the U.S. and why do CrossFit athletes put up with cheap plastic crap?  The pundits say “labor is cheaper” “You cant get good plastic goods in the U.S.”, “It’s cheaper at Wal-Mart”.  That is all the biggest load of bull crap.

Believe it or not – there are energetic start up incubator businesses that are building cool gear in their garages.  Just like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak building the first Apple computer in their garage.  This is what built America – guys and gals taking a risk and building cool stuff for America to use and to enjoy.

So I got my slacker butt of the couch and did something about it.  I was tired of working out on cheap Chinese plastic low grade junk.  I want back to my garage and starting putting together some burly gear that would stand up some serious abuse.  That is how it all started.

So straight from the bowels of the SGPT secret underground laboratory we served up the all new “Ballistic” speed jump rope.

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This rope is designed and built by a military veteran and former Navy SEAL — and the rope is guaranteed – period.

The wire rope is 1/8 inch diameter and made with 920 lb test line with full aluminum swages on the ends.  You can actually do a pull up hanging on this rope.  Yes; a full pull up holding on to the ropes.  Don’t try that with your Buddy Lee Aero Rope or one of those cheap plastic overseas ropes.  This rope is freeko strong (that is a new word “freeko”).  Burly strong made with all American products and no cheap plastic junk that will break. The Ballistic Rope is Military grade hardware.

All jump ropes are hand-made, personally inspected and tested. 100% American made jump ropes. No mass produced crap from an assembly line is Nicaraugua. This jump rope is good old fashi0ned quality craftsmanship made by a military veteran.

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Brad McLeod May 27, 2011 at 4:39 pm

Jake Berman reviews the SEAL ballistic jump rope and rocks 100 double unders with ease:


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