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Edelweiss Climbing Rope Reviews

Many of our SGPT athletes love to get outside and climb, paddle and mountain bike. Check out these reviews for Edelweiss ropes and you make the best decision for what you will use at the crag. Whether it’s a hot day on a Utah tower or a chilly morning at the frozen waterfall, the approach... Read More

Unbeatable Mind Academy Review

Do you wish you had the ability to increase your mental toughness? Do you seek the confidence to deal with any threat, to steer any situation to a positive outcome? If so, you can now learn the inner secrets of Navy SEAL Mental Toughness and a Warrior Offensive Mind-set from a veteran teacher of Special... Read More
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SEALgrinderPT Interviews Pete Takeda

SEALgrinderPT: Tell us about yourself? Pete Takeda: I’m in my mid-40’s and started climbing in 1980. Over that time I started as a boulderer, progressed through free climbing, big-wall climbing, sport, ice, mixed, and now big mountain climbing. My sponsors are Marmot, Native Eyewear, and Nutriex. I’ve written a couple books and been published in... Read More

Angie Workout

Angie 100 pullups 100 pushups (chest to deck) 100 situps 100 air squats Post time to comments. Compare your time to Angie from 9-2-16. SEALgrinderPT is a proud sponsor of the Navy SEAL Foundation and the Navy SEAL UDT Museum RELATED ARTICLES: Angie Workout Tips SGPT Baseline workout... Read More

Self-Compassion Is The Highest Form Of Mental Toughness

Mental toughness, in the athletic world, is generally defined as perseverance despite  challenges and obstacles.  It’s recognizing that the negative self-talk our minds spew at us are really just lies.  Or, at least, misinformation. So when I say that mental toughness also means self-compassion, it means giving yourself a break.  It means allowing yourself fragility.... Read More
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Creating Motivation, Part 3 of 3 — Finding Your How, Part 3 of 3

by Heather Self So by now you have your why.  You have your want and need. You have your three legs set under your table and you’re balanced and stable. Now what? Now it’s about finding your how. Often, people go into a goal thinking they have to have it laid out in perfect detail,... Read More

Jerry Workout

Jerry Run 1 mile Row 2k Run 1 mile Advanced: Do 10 rounds of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats) immediately after the last run. RELATED ARTICLES: Axe Workout  ... Read More

Creating Motivation, Part 2 of 3: You Gotta Want It

I realize you might be thinking I’m just regurgitating stuff you’ve read elsewhere about goal setting (finding your why, gotta wanting it, so to speak). But there’s a valid reason all those sources keep saying it: Needing a why to keep you motivated as much of a truth as you needing to eat is. The... Read More

What is the best hand salve for CrossFit?

#12 Beast Balm #11 Rip Stopper balm for gymnastics #10 Joshua tree #9 Okeefe’s working hands #8 Winnies Ripfix #7 Wod welder hand cream #6 Doc Spartan triple threat #5 Rocktape Rock rub #4 Rocket Pure #3 Giddy #2 Burts bees #1 Bag Balm Related Articles: Hand care tips for CrossFit athletes... Read More

Creating Motivation, Part 1 of 3: Finding Your Why

By Heather Self When it comes to goals, asking “why” you want to achieve something is necessary.  Otherwise you’re just kind of floating around and you won’t get through. Especially for the tougher ones. The Universe (or however you look at it) needs to know why so it can send you ways to get it... Read More

SEALFIT Kokoro Yoga Workout

Check out this SEALFIT yoga session with Catherine Divine at SEALFIT HQ The goal of this session is to help you recover while calming your mind and body. Check out more info about Kokoro Yoga: Maximize Your Human Potential and Develop the Spirit of a Warrior–the SEALfit Way We believe this session will really help... Read More
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5 Tips to Master Your Mind

By Ryan Munsey I’m a “biohacker”. Hacker = someone who seizes control of a system Biology = the physiology, quality, and/or behavior of an organism Biohacker = I manipulate my biology and bend nature to my will in order to optimize my mental and physical performance. In addition to being a biohacker, I’m also a... Read More
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Tips for Healthy Fat Loss

Are you struggling to lose a few pounds and to live a healthier life? The world is full of diet books telling you tons of ways to lose weight. Many of them are fad diets that may help you drop weight in an unhealthy manner only to have you put it back on as soon... Read More

Mammut Climbing Rope Review

Mammut has been producing top quality ropes for almost 150 years. Each individual metre of rope is produced at our headquarters in Switzerland and subjected to extensive testing. All the resulting CO² emissions are offset. Mammut’s wide range of ropes meets a mountaineer’s every need: from robust single rope for beginners to super-light rope for... Read More
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